Supermal Pakuwon Indah





Pakuwon Privilege

Pakuwon Privilege is a special gift for our loyal visitors Shoppers Mania Mall Pakuwon Group (Supermal Pakuwon Indah, Pakuwon Trade Centre and Tunjungan Plaza). You'll get all benefit as well as in a variety of Merchants who are members of Pakuwon Privilege. You will also get a unique and exciting experience at every event held by Pakuwon Privilege.

Lets Join Us ....

  • Can be used in the three shopping Malls
  • Purchase min: Rp.100.000,- throughout the store TP, SPI, PTC can instantly become a member
  • Merchant Privilege shopping minimum IDR.10.000 = 1 point (Special for Gold & Jewellery Shop IDR.100.000,- = 1 point)
  • Double point for BCA credit card holders
  • Redemption must be struck on the same day
  • Original struck kept by Pakuwon Privilege

Redemption Point :
Tunjungan Plaza :

- Privilege  Concierge  Upper Ground Plaza Central (TP3)

- Privilege  Concierge  Lantai 5  (TP2)

- Privilege  Concierge  Lantai UG  (depan Michael Korz - TP3)

- Privilege  Concierge  Lantai UG  (TP 5)

Supermal Pakuwon Indah :

Privilege Counter First Floor
Pakuwon Trade Center :
Privilege Counter Ground Floor

Customer Service :
Tunjungan Plaza : 031 5311 088
Supermal Pakuwon Indah : 031 7393 888

"A fish that wishes to grow cannot remain to be in an aquarium, it must be released to freely swim in the open sea" Alexander Tedja' Philosophy (Founder & Leader of Pakuwon Group)